Reduce the risk of slipping

Slipping accidents of pedestrians are very common. The severity of the slipping accidents vary from very mild to severe, even fatal. Slipping often causes sprain of the ankle but often the bones are highly strained too. During falls, especially the wrist and hip area bones are easily fractured. The back may even be strained due to a sudden correction movement of the balance. The risk of disabling grows with the age. Already at the age of 40-50, the risk is double compared to that of the 20-29 -year-old.

Ways to avoid slipping:

  1. Walk on a slippery ground WITH CAUTION, as all places may not be covered by sand or the sand may have sunk inside the ice.
  2. Choose footwear suitable for winter conditions and use ANTI-SLIP OVERSHOES.

Website on prevention campaign of domestic accidents

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