Warning principles

  • The warning message shall be sent during the most dangerous road conditions, when keeping on one’s feet requires special caution and care or even aid devices.
  • As desired, people may also be warned by night, as necessary, but it cannot be promised for sure. The warning will be sent by the duty officer, whose working hours by night depend on the overall demand of the winter maintenance.
  • The warned person can choose, whether the warning message on the night slipperiness will be sent right away, or at 6 am, 7 am, 8 am or not until 9 am. At weekends, the warning will be sent an hour later.
  • If the dangerous slippery road condition is continued on the following day, it will be warned again in the morning.
  • End of the slippery conditions will not be informed on.

To prevent "inflation" of the warnings, they are sent with the aim that over half of the population in the area feels that the road conditions are very slippery.

One must thus be cautious although not received a warning. The service does not change in any way the slippery prevention responsibilities of the city or the pedestrian’s own responsibility.

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